8 Trashy Reasons to Start Composting

Not yet composting our kitchen leftovers? Today is as good as any to start composting. This decision can change your life in an abundance of ways small and large. Read below to get insight into eight of the top reasons it is time to start composting without delay.

1.    Want to reduce the amount of trash you toss out each week? Start composting and the trash pickup upper marlboro will even thank you. The trash load lessens, as does the hideous odors!

2.    Composting reduces pests around the house and from the trash cans and receptacles. Pests come to the home in search of food. They’ll have a great time digging through trash cans with food scraps left over.

3.    Trash won’t be as heavy to lift when it’s not filled with rotten oranges, coffee grinds, and scraps that are now being composted. Those bags rip so easily when they’re heavy and tossing them into the can is sometimes hard.

4.    Want to reduce landfill waste? If you guessed that composting make that easy, you’d be correct. It is a simple way to give the environment a helping hand.

5.    Need a great fertilizer for the garden? There’s no better fertilizer for the soil than natural compost. It improves your gardening adventures threefold.

6.    As amazing as it sounds, composting can improve indoor air quality at your home so the air that you breathe is crisper, fresher, and free from so many toxins and pollutants.

7.    Composting can serve as a wonderful hobby. In fact, gardeners already find it an enjoyable task.

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8.    Trash can odors are minimized when there aren’t any food leftovers and waste in the bottom. Your trash can will stay cleaner and you can breathe better.  Something so simple does such great things in your life.