Plan Your Destination Proposal

You’re going on a vacation with your sweetheart and they’ve been dropping hints of wanting a ring on their finger. When it comes to planning the perfect proposal, things become intense and nerves can get frazzled. Don’t worry yourself over the little details, instead following this simple and easy guide to planning the perfect destination proposal. Your partner will be thrilled when you surprise them with a beautiful ring and pop the big question with beautiful scenery behind you.

The first think you should do is get the ring. Pick out a ring for your loved one that represents what they mean to you. Each stone and crystal has a different meaning, even diamonds have a backstory and special symbolism attached to them. The design of the engagement ring is paramount, so analyze your partner and ask for help from friends or family if you’re lost about anything from ring size to diamond cut.

The next thing to do is pick a location. Location is almost as important as the ring if you want to make your proposal as special as possible. It’s important to choose a place that will give the desired effect you want. You don’t even have to leave the U.S. – there are plenty of vacation options that provide beautiful scenery and fun activities for couples.

resort photographers

Once you’re on the plane and checked into a resort, don’t forget to get in touch with the staff. Arrange for one of the available resort photographers to capture the moment that will change your life forever. Make sure they know exactly when and where to be so that you can take home touching photos of the moment your partner says yes.

Getting engaged is exciting, and the special moment will be shared between you and your significant other for year to come. Plan your vacation accordingly and give your sweetie the surprise of their life.